No ONE Gets There ALONE

no ONE

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No ONE Gets There ALONE

Life is a competition, except we often only look at competition vs. some other person, team, or company. The real competition is against ourselves.

When we operate in life or business as a competition against others, then we develop a scarcity mindset, one filled with fear, anger, or resentment. The significant question to ask ourselves after reading this book is would you stop to help someone else?

The solution is that A Better Us Makes a Better YOU and a Better You Makes a Better US.

We have no idea the results of your actions, but if we take no action, there will be no results. Imagine that you will have the opportunity to improve two lives by one simple action. Your individual attitude and outlook on life can instantly change because the miracle this book reflects is that you cannot help someone else without helping yourself as well.

Dr. Rob Bell, Having understood the underlying secret that NO ONE gets there ALONE, Dr. Rob Bell, an expert in mental toughness, presents to you a book fully packed with life changing experiences and information that is expected to reveal the benefits we enjoy from creating a better “Us” and a better “You.” You will apply how-to:

  • Develop an athlete’s mindset for daily life.
  • Prepare for your “Hinge moment.”
  • Apply the successful positive to negative interaction ratio in life.
  • Change the way you feel about somebody and yourself.
  • Just keep moving to surpass adversity.