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Megan Melchiorre

Megan Melchiorre sport psychologistI grew up an elite multi-sport athlete, in which I chose to pursue volleyball on the collegiate level. Injuries and an eating disorder eventually landed me at Peace College in Raleigh, NC where I finished out my undergraduate studies and volleyball playing career. Experiences I had as an athlete introduced me and lead me to the field of sport psychology. I finished up my Masters in Sport Exercise Psychology in 2015 in Sarasota, FL at Argosy University. I am currently working on my dissertation and in the final stages of my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Sport focus at California Southern University. Since graduating undergrad I have been coaching high school and club volleyball, which I’ve seemed to enjoy a lot more the further removed I’ve been from playing and the more mental skills training I’m able to implement. I’ve worked with several sport psychology professionals, including Dr. Morse in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Hamilton in Miami, FL, and Dr. Bell in Indianapolis, IN, with whom I’m currently a sport psychology consultant with at DRB & Associates. My philosophy with my athletes and also personally is process oriented; it’s about marginal gains, being 1% better every day, which eventually leads to bigger successes. A focus on winning doesn’t lead to winning, a focus on the process does, and when you honor the process, it will reward you.