10 Outstanding Hacks About Disney That You Can Instantly Use

Disney World opened in 1971, five years after Walt Disney passed away in 1966.

At the opening, someone said ” It’s too bad he wasn’t here to see it.” A reporter who spent time with Walt Disney replied, ” He saw it before any of us ever did.”

I’m a strategies and tactics hound, I love inside information.

Here’s 10 Outstanding Hacks About Disney. 

1. Smells & Tunes

As you enter Disney World, you may slightly notice smells, in the morning, the smells fumed on main street are vanilla. Throughout the day, the smells change to popcorn. In the morning, the music is upbeat and lively. The music in the evening is much more somber and calming…. As you leave Magic Kingdom, you’ll get an urge to buy something!

HACK: If you want to avoid the crowd at the end of the day, the stores on the right are all connected, breeze through there to leave.

2. Ask a Cast Member

Everyone is a cast member, and there isn’t much better customer service in the world than Disney. Here’s proof. If you ask any cast member for directions, they don’t point and tell you, they walk you to where you want to go.  I test it by asking cast members who are sweeping the streets or cleaning up.

3. Trashcans

Walt Disney designed closed trashcans so the bad smells don’t escape. They all have two sides on them so someone can use it walking in both directions. Also, he researched how long it took people to finish their food while walking. If you notice, trashcans are 30-40 feet away from each other.

4. Eats

At Magic Kingdom, eat at Liberty Tavern, it’s an all-you-can-eat family style dinning. Eat a late lunch, and you’ll be satisfied all day. Request servers Chris or Selina.

Want some character dining? Eat breakfast at the Crystal Palace. Desire Mickey & Minnie and friends by eating an early dinner at Hollywood & Vine.

At HollyWood studios, make reservations at SciFi Dine In theatre.

5. Dinglehopper

During the Magic Kingdom festival of fantasy parade at 3:00, you’ll want to watch it in front of the Liberty Tavern (eat and walk out front). Take a fork outside with you, when Ariel goes by, if you show her your “dinglehopper”, she’ll take hers out and wave it back to you!

6. Gaston

Outside of Gaston’s place in Magic Kingdom, challenge him to push-ups and he’ll drop and go! One of my favorites. Though, he’ll bust out one handed push-ups.

7. Tower of Terror

There become two lines at the Tower of Terror, when it splits near the ride entrance, go straight! You’ll get an extra drop! This is one of my favorite 10 outstanding hacks about Disney. Who doesn’t love more ride?

8. Best Ride Ever

Toy Story Mania. End of story! Fast Pass this ride early and ride it often. Wait times are 90 minutes later in the day for a reason! Youtube it on scoring secrets.

9. The Lion at Animal Kingdom

My man, Coach Bru told me about this one. He asked “was the lion on the rock during the safari at Animal Kingdom?”  It was! The rock is climate cooled! Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so it’s likely everyone will see the lion.

10. Fantasmic

Don’t miss this show! Eat at Minnie’s Hollywood & Vine and you’ll also get seating in the center of the show. No need to wait for seats off to the side.

Hope you enjoyed these 10 outstanding hacks about Disney. Can you share some of yours?

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