The Hinge

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Every door has a hinge. If it doesn’t, it’s a wall. Have you ever noticed how the outcome of a close competition depends upon one play or moment? If we look closer, every season and career also possesses these crucial, pivotal moments. It only takes one. The Hinge is the one moment, event, or person that makes all the difference. It connects who we are with who we become.

This is the importance of having Mental Toughness, will you be ready? In this cutting edge book, you’ll learn:

  • How a plane crash changed the music landscape forever in America.
  • How a blade of grass caused the dominance of Korean golf.
  • What Hall of Famers really believe.
  • The most important mental skills and how to apply them.
  • Why we should listen to our gut.
  • To understand that “it only takes one.”

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