Mental Mastery

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This is a reference book for sportsmen and women, their coaches and managers, and anyone who is involved in improving mental aspects of sporting performance. It covers all major issues encountered in sport by detailing techniques, case studies and coaching tips to help you understand how you can improve your mental game. Each of the ‘Mental Mastery‘ techniques has proven effective in the world of elite sport. They are presented in step-by-step detail so they can be utilized by athletes, coaches and parents, regardless of sport, ability or age. In all, there are 69 Techniques backed up with 19 case studies and 21 coaching tips. There are also 49 full-color sports images, 45 diagrams, 27 tables, 3 questionnaires, a techniques-matrix and a huge range of models and ideas – certainly enough to help control or eliminate virtually every conceivable mental problem in sport. ‘Mental Mastery‘ provides detailed information to help you with anxiety, attitude, beliefs, confidence, concentration, determination, emotional control, enthusiasm, energy, focus, goal-setting, killer instinct, mental toughness, motivation, optimism, peak performance, perseverance, resilience, team development, visualisations….and a whole lot more.

About the Author:
Ken Way has been working with leading sportsmen and women in many different sports for more than 25 years. Having worked with 3 international teams in different sports as well as world, commonwealth and national champions in many different disciplines he has developed mental techniques that are fast, powerful and extremely effective. His approach has been applied in all major sports, especially soccer where he has worked with six professional teams (at International, European, Premiership and Championship levels). His experience has also been crafted into training programs that have not only proved popular with coaches but also with businesses and organizations keen to gain that added advantage.

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