don't Should on your kids: Build Their mental toughness

Don’t “Should” On Your Kids

A change has occurred — youth sports have been professionalized and there has been a perversion of potential. It has become scholarships over development, trophies over toughness, and talent over tenacity.

 The professionalization has created an environment of externally driven, perfectionist, and stressed competitors. Parenting athletes also require such a vast amount of sacrifice both emotionally and financially.

Are we doing it correctly?

 This book will help you empower your kids to build their mental toughness.
In this cutting-edge book, you’ll develop specific strategies:
* Find out how to prep them for the most important competitions.
* Discover one way to help them build their own passion and desire.
* How a blow-pop can help during an actual competition.
* One way to ensure your child doesn’t quit playing.
* What we actually need to call our child.
* Learn the best and worst times to talk about the game.

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