50 Ways to Win

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The Immaculate Reception, the Drive, Red Right 88, the Catch, the Helmet Catch, and Ambush are all specific plays that may readily come to mind as defining moments in pro football history.

The closer we examine games, seasons, careers, and legacies in any area, especially professional football, the more we will see these moments. There is one play, decision, person, or moment that connects a team with who they become.

It only takes one!

As you read this book, you’ll come across the motivation behind every championship season, the personnel with the team, the Hinge moment, and the significant moment from the biggest game of the season.

You’ll also discover the unifying theme amongst every championship team.
This book exposes unexpected reactions to winning and even how many of the coaches motivated their players. You’ll see how many times back-up QB’s played significant roles during the season and which championship team actually traded QB’s every series.

This book was written for you to develop an awareness about these defining moments and to utilize strategies and techniques from winning seasons.

We cannot connect the dots looking forward; we have no idea who or what will be the moment. We can only connect the dots looking backwards, and can see the one moment, decision, or person that made all of the difference.

Will you be ready for your moment?

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